Calico Spanish for Schools: COMPONENTS


Mi guitarrí: Spanish Songs for Kids Music CD

Mi GuitarriJoel Valle is featured in the custom CD designed for you to enjoy fresh, fun music as you teach in Spanish. All songs are used in the program and are sung in Spanish only.

Includes some traditional songs, games and memory aids for select topics (days of the week, months of the year, etc.) and more!

30 tracks. 37 minutes.

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Mi guitarrí: Spanish Songs for Kids Songbook

<em>Mi guitarri:</em> Spanish Songs for Kids Music BookEnjoy this songbook with lyrics, music notation, guitar chords and the English translation to every song.

40 pages.


Mi guitarrí: Spanish Songs for Kids Big Book of Lyrics

<em>Mi guitarri:</em> Spanish Songs for Kids Big BookThis large format book of lyrics allows students to view the lyrics as they sing along and is perfect for shared reading and cloze exercises for extra literacy and vocabulary practice.

Key illustrations are included to support vocabulary acquisition.

42 pages.


Calico Spanish Music Video DVD

Calico Spanish Music Video DVDFavorite songs from the Mi guitarrí CD in a video format.

Features our custom artwork and lyrics as key songs are played in their entirety.

19 Full-Length Song Videos

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First Thousand Words in Spanish

First Thousand Words in SpanishFull-size hardback book with great artwork. Kids love this full-color book, as the illustrations are full of interesting characters and scenes.

References in the Calico Spanish Teacher's Manual encourage students to review concepts and hunt and find objects throughout this book. Provides exposure to additional vocabulary. Internet links allow you to hear the pronunciation of each word. 64 pages. Usborne Publishing.


¡Corre, perro, corre! by P.D. Eastman

Corre, Perro, CorrePaperback, Spanish version of Go, Dog. Go!

An easy introduction to reading books aloud in Spanish with opportunities to review colors and opposites in an understandable, familiar format.

This is a great resource for kids and teachers! 64 pages. Lectorum Publications.


Calico Spanish Flash Cards

Flash CardsCustom flash cards featuring wonderful artwork to post on your bulletin board, use in games and assist you in presenting new concepts.

Includes animals, alphabet, numbers, emotions, greetings and more. Also includes present tense conjugations of several key verbs including poder, necesitar, querer and gustar.

149 Flash Cards.


Verbos Flash Cards

Verbos Flash CardsSpanish immersion flash cards that introduce you to 94 action verbs. Features colorful artwork that clearly communicates each action without the use of English. 94 flash cards. Trend Enterpises, Inc.


Calico Spanish Classroom Bulletin Board Set

Spanish Bulletin Board Set up your own Spanish Center with these custom full-color, classroom-sized components.

Includes full color labels and posters in Spanish for many topics including calendar, alphabet, emotions, numbers, colors and classroom items. 57 individual items.



Calico Spanish Teacher's Manual

Teacher's ManualThe comprehensive Teacher's Manual includes 15 chapters. Teachers can choose to follow either the 30 minute schedule for a total of 160 lessons, or the 60 minute schedule for a total of 80 lessons.

Lessons cover a wide range of topics and include games and activities. Each component of the lessons includes scripts in Spanish with a full English translation. Published in spiral-format with chapter tabs for ease of use. 256 pages.

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Calico Spanish Assessments

Calico Spanish AssessmentsMethods and resources to assess students' Spanish comprehension and language acquisition. Assessments are designed for group settings to save you time.

Allow assessments to inform your teaching!


Calico Spanish Student Activity Book

Activity Book The Student Activity Book includes copies of all the song lyric sheets to allow students to decorate and create their own songbooks for use as they sing along with the Mi guitarrí CD. In addition, there is an activity for farm animals and one for the parts of the body. 32 pages.

The Student Activity Sheets are also included in a PDF format on the Calico Spanish Classroom Components CD so you can print copies from your computer.


Calico Spanish Resources CD

Calico Spanish Resources CDPrintable copies of reproducible Calico Spanish components.

Includes the Calico Spanish Student Activity Sheets, Calico Spanish Student Copies, and the Calico Spanish Assessment worksheets.


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