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Elementary Spanish Curriculum for Schools

Easily create a natural Spanish immersion curriculum!

Immersion is one of the most efficient methods of learning a language. Most multilinguals will tell you that they made the greatest improvements in their skills when immersed. But until now, providing your elementary-level students an authentic — and fun — immersion environment has been tricky.

When you make Spanish fun, your students are excited and comfortable using it in class.

If you're interested in providing an interactive, immersive language experience for your students, check out our different Spanish curriculums to see which matches your needs the best.

With our teacher-designed Spanish curriculum, you will easily expose your students to Spanish at all times, as if they were taking classes abroad!

Easily invite students to speak Spanish with our engaging music, attractive visuals, extensive resources and detailed teacher's manuals. Students quickly pick up and recycle essential language points through gestures, visual aids, demonstrations, scaffolding techniques, repeated instructions and more. All in the target language!

Calico Spanish curriculums are the first choice for teachers looking for a complete, interactive immersion curriculum for kids. As you can see below, the programs include extensive resources to equip you for success.

Calico Spanish Curriculum for Classrooms: Level 1 Complete

Complete, flexible lesson plans permit you to teach a full, engaged Spanish class with little to no preparation required!

Level 1 Teacher's ManualBut they are flexible enough so you can easily add your own material, on your own terms.

We know you don't have the time to source your own material for every lesson, so we've stocked each unit with plenty of activities, resources, scripts and suggestions to run a full, involved class. At the same time, you have your own wealth of cultural and language experiences to share with your students, and our customizable program allows you to effortlessly factor these unique stories and activities into the lessons.

Level 2 Teacher's ManualThis flexibility allows you to quickly and easily tailor our Spanish curriculums to any elementary class, grades K-6. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours, adjusting plans to your needs is a cinch with our abundant supplementary ideas, resources and activities.

Want to see a sample lesson plan? Check out Chapter 4 from our Level 1 Teacher's Manual and Check out Chapter 21 from our Level 2 Teacher’s Manual


Grab your students' attention and keep them fascinated with a host of colorful, kid-friendly graphics, posters and videos as well as our engaging Mi guitarrí kids' album -- a fun, interactive music resource recorded by a native Spanish speaker.


No more need to squeeze visits to the copy machine in between classes; all our student activities come in digital format so they are easily reproducible in a few simple clicks. Simply purchase one set for a teacher, and that teacher's classes are covered for years to come.


Easily assign fun and engaging activities students love to take part in outside of the classroom through our extensive compilations of point-and-click Web-based resources. Design your own or direct students to our easily navigable directory of Spanish games and activities at, sorted by level and topic!


Traditional Spanish curriculums offer little more than a teacher’s manual and grammar-based workbook. Calico Spanish offers you many extras to ensure you are able to teach easily with excellence. For a full description of the fantastic (and plentiful) resources and components included in our programs, check out the individual level pages below.

Enjoy these samples from our original Mi guitarrí album below.

Parents and kids both will love the new levels of competency that students will be able to display at the end of the curriculum.

Our Spanish curriculums are based on ACTFL's foreign language proficiency standards incorporating research-based objectives and teaching strategies. Students' progress is measurable, which boosts their confidence and makes them even more excited to come to class and speak Spanish.

For more information on how our curriculums meet or exceed the ACTFL's standards, check out the individual level pages above.

Communicating in Spanish is second nature through our fun and engaging activities, songs and more!

Calico Spanish provides quality resources and materials to create a thrilling and engaging curriculum for your elementary school students. Our flexible lesson plans; interactive visuals, activities and games; and immersion-environment core inspires kids and lets them have a blast in class.